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Passive Way to Earn Money

I run regularly and I just let achievemint have access to my fitness info, passively earning me points for rewards. It’s great! I also enjoy taking part in surveys periodically.

Pretty Cool, I like it.

I really like this app. It’s not a way to make a whole lot of extra money but it’s still cool to have something to work towards.

From a marathon, I got 6 points

This app makes you think that it is easy to earn money. It’s not. In the first day, they present about 8 surveys to make you think that earning points is really easy. I made 700 points in just my first day. However, after running a marathon and totaling 29,997 steps in just one day, I was presented with a mere 6 points. Keep in mind that you need 10,000 total points in order to earn only $10. You could make more money if you worked one hour at a minimum wage restaurant. You will never earn any money, do not use this app and do not be fooled just by your first day


Love this app it keeps you moving.

Easy way to earn a little extra $$.

I like that Achievement syncs my activity without any effort from me.

Why not?

I downloaded this app because I already wore a Fitbit and could make $$ by connecting it to Achievement.

Good concept

This app is a good concept, however the amount of work it takes to earn a few measly points is outrageous. Might get more users if the goals were more easily obtained.

Fun & motivational app

I love seeing my points add up each day I already exercised everyday anyway, but the app inspired me to start meditating every day to help earn more points! My only complaint is that when I do have sync issues, and I contact their customer service, it can be a week, or even MUCH longer, like weeks, before I hear anything back.

Awesome app

This app is great, it’s like free money. I already track my meals, weight and fitness. You just link everything here and they give you points for your efforts. 10,000 points =$10. The more you do the more points you accumulate, it’s that easy. They also have short health and fitness surveys for points too. I would definitely get this app if you’re thinking about it!

Keeps me motivated

This app helps me keep going by making fitness achievements a game

Great app

Earn by just doing the healthy habits you’re already doing!!


Worthwhile app, which requires ZERO effort beyond what you're already doing. I've received TWO reward deposits so far, directly into my PayPal account, after hitting the 10,000 point mark. It takes kinda long to earn 10,000 points, even if you are a workout maniac, but it's literally FREE money. I wish there were a few more ways to earn points, or that there were more apps able to connect to the Achievement app, but overall it's a nice little 'something extra' for those of us that run/walk/workout.

Unable to sign in

With Yahoo or Facebook on iPhone 7. Error messages. All my other apps work okay

I love this app!

It’s easy and I don’t really have to think about it. I get money for doing things I’m already doing. I’ve made around $30 in a year. Not a ton but it’s extra money I didn’t have for doing no extra work!

Terrific app!

Love getting paid for making myself a better person physically!

So far so good

I've reached 10,000 points they say my reward is on the way. Simple to use I actually forgot about it for a few months but it was working away compiling points

Good Background App

Good app that rewards you, just really slowly, for fitness. Just runs in the background updating only when you open it.

Nice to earn money but can be buggy

It is so nice to earn rewards for the good work you do. Sometimes the points don't show up correctly and customer service is not great.


Great app, just slow to get points but considering you’re getting paid to walk around and do things you’d already normally do it’s not half bad!!

With tracker

This app is great when you have a fit bit


Works great!

Great reminder

It’s nice to be rewarded for good health behaviors!

Great app

Takes a long time to get rewarded but its great to see you get rewarded for just walking on a daily basis


Rate app

Easy app!

Connect your fitness apps and earn money effortlessly. This is my second time cashing out a $10 reward for just doing the things I do on a daily basis.

Great app

I love getting rewarded for being active. It takes a while to earn but when I do it's ME money. This is the fourth time I've earned $10 and I love it!! I’ve now earned my reward 4 times! This is a great app.


Awesome app that helps you achieve your goal by paying you when you meet your quota. I love it keeps me focus.

Good App, Great Motivation

I get paid for steps I take in my weekly Fitbit Challenge anyway. It's a nice motivational tool and awesome concept. Already received $20 so far. Thanks.

Keeps you working

4 Stars because it takes a lot of points. It challenged me and I liked that. Didn't think I'd get there. But $10 is $10. Thanks for the motivation.

Awesome App !!

The best !!


Love the option to donate to charity!! Take a long time to build up points even walking 6-9 miles a day. But great overall


Absolutely love achievement! Just cashed out for the second time! Awesome way to do activities that help you live a healthier life!

Just redeemed my second $10

Amazing app!

Love it

Trying to be healthier and getting rewarded helps

Love it

Great app!!


Interesting motivational tool. Every little bit helps!

Passive Income

I don’t mind receiving a few dollars for walking and exercising. It takes awhile to add up enough to make the $10 but it’s not like I’m doing anything out of the ordinary - it’s the easiest money to make! I appreciate their surveys and their occasional articles about health and wellness. Everything and anything to keep me on track!!

Really like this app

I really like this app but it would be nice if it synced to your health in iPhone apps. It says it does but I could never get it to sync.

Get paid to be healthy

Love this app. Already earned $20 in rewards since downloading this app.

Free Money for Working Out!

This app is great, connect it to your fitness tracker apps and it pays you for being fit! Sweet!

Great app

Earn points for doing things you already do. Every 10,000 earn $10

Actually works

I just reached my goal after many months . They give little points. They should increase the points given. Walking 5,000 steps shouldn’t be rewarded with only 6 points .

Great app

Just got my $10 reward. It takes awhile but it requires zero effort to use this app

Great App

Fun app to motivate and keep you on track. No problems and earned a reward in the process.

Love it

Super easy to use and shows your progress daily!


I get about $20 a year from this app!

Do it

If you’re already tracking steps/sleep/activity, do it. If you’re not, start & do it. Super easy & you get points for being active. Just had $10 sent to my Paypal for moving!

Awesome App!!!

Love this app! Points add up quickly and you can then cash them in for money!

Takes a while but really cool

Auto tracking of activity means getting rewarded for healthy activity. What’s not to like?

Great app

I would recommend to try it is a great app.

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