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Can you get gift cards

Can you get gift cards

Amazing App

This is great to get paid for walking! I know it does take awhile but I probably do some other activities and move it along.

Nice app

Really good app. Takes a while to get all the points but patience is a virtue.

Love it

Great way to earn extra spending cash by doing what your already doing anyway!

Takes too long to get 10,000 points

My only complaint is how long it takes to accumulate 10,000 points.

Fantastic motivation

Great way to motivate me to stay true to the gym and my fitness goals! Love the app!

Great app

I like keeping track of my fitness achievements through this app

Absolutely Easy

One of the easiest apps to use there is no work involved you just sign up and go about your life and it tracks your movements and as you go about your life and you get rewarded!

Love it

Love this app! Easy way to get money for being active! Easy to set up different apps to get points on.

Love getting free money

Love getting free money the only gripe is that it takes a while to get $10.

Money to do nothing but what I already do

Money to do nothing but what I already do, log my intake of Food drinks and exercise. It syncs with multiple different apps that I use for fitness. It's super easy and would recommend it to anybody.

Love it

Great app! Takes a little while to earn a reward but hey I’m gonna be walk or running anyhow.

Rewards for being active

Great app that motivates and rewards you for being active. Just redeemed a $10 reward for doing what I would be anyway doing!

Great App for getting money

I already workout most days so its nice extra incentive to workout although it did take me 6-8 months to earn the $10 it is good for those long term goals. I unfortunately haven't figured out a good way to include lifting into the program for anyone who lifts a lot or a little which is why I said 4/5 stars

Easy to use

App is super easy to use. The only issue I have is that it takes a long time to get enough pts to cash in. (I walk 10,000-15,000 steps per day & it still took about 7months)

Good experience

Very little extra work required, nice to receive occasional rewards

Great app

Love this app helps you keep track of things


Literally takes no extra effort on your part. Sure, it takes multiple months to earn $10, but that's 10 free dollars for continuing to do what you do everyday!

Fun app but still no payment

****UPDATE**** Can't complain. I just redeemed my reward today and am working on my next set of points. Curious to see how long it takes to get my reward. As of today 9/19/2017 I have yet to receive my reward for completing my first 10,000 point. Very disappointing. :(

Ask for this

This app does count slowly... I'm an active person and it took me 8 months to get my first 10,000 pts. If they were to rate you higher for activity it could be a better app.. not sure what their motives are but over all okay...

Took me a year but it worked

Takes a long time but I mean I got my $10 and was able to treat myself for my achievements.

This app is amazing

Really cool!! Got $10 for doing nothing but working out, running, walking and sleeping. It runs in the background. They send you the occasional offer or survey. But not much at all. This app is amazing

Made 10$

Made another 10$ but didn't get it though

Takes awhile but it's free money!

This app is easy to use. Just sync it with your other health apps like Fitbit and the data transfers itself. Just redeemed my first reward!


Cool app, easy to use, free! Money is a motivator , and you get healthy at the same time!

It is just simple

Not much to it, but overtime rewards come your way for doing what you would just be doing anyway.

App with rewards

What a great app! Get rewarded for continuously working toward your fitness goals


Very easy to use!

Free cash

Love the free cash

Great App

Even though it seems to take long to get to 10K, I am enjoying the app.


I have really enjoyed this app. It is very motivating to wake up each morning to see how many points you earned the previous day. Was very easy to connect the apps to help achieve your goals.

Cool app for tracking progress

I started using this app in conjunction with my Fitbit because I liked the idea of getting rewarded for doing what I was already doing, namely working out. It took awhile to get my first award but I've noticed you now get credit for things like drinking water which helps as well.

Totally awesome app !

I love using this app ! I men , who doesn't like free money ?


This app is easy to use and you get paid for being active. I love it!!

Great App!

You don't have to worry about maintaining activity because it all syncs with my Fitbit!

Slow but Hey, free money!

It took a long time to earn my reward, but it's free money for being active.

Great App

Wonderful way to earn while being healthy.

Easy way to make money

Achievement gives you points for staying active and you earn money by doing so!

Free $$$ for exercise

Sync your Garmin watch/ exercise apps to "achievement" and earn points for your activities. (I run marathons, but step counting or other exercise works just the same!!). Redeem points for $10 gift cards once you hit 10,000. Just did my 3rd redemption into my bank account and no strings attached, annoying emails, etc. If you work out anyways, it is a no brainer!


Takes a long time but good app

Easy to use for fitness apps and earning $

Connect the fitness apps you use and that's pretty much it! Fun to check in and see points piling up which means both fitness goals being met and $ being earned.


Like that I can earn ten bucks for just doing what I do everyday.

Love this app

App syncs directly from Fitbit. No hassles! Easy gift cards or PayPal cash!


Takes a while to get 10k points but it works.

Walking Mom

Just got $10 for walking. Took a while but every step was worth it.

Great app

Would definitely use this app.... helpful in improving health!

Easy money!

Earn money for doing what you are already doing! Great app that rewards you fir staying active and being healthy!

Love this app

It motivates me to walk and track my food. Great app. Easy to use.

Healthy Money

All you have to do is connect your Fitbit to the app and do everything you normally would. Log your water food weight and keep on stepping and get your free Money!!!!

Good reward app!

Overall I think this is great. Doesn't always count my sleep everyday. I like that I don't have to do anything and the points eventually add up. Like many say, it takes a while. But I just let it go and check every once in a while. I've received 2 rewards so far!

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