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Just earned my 2nd reward using my fibit steps. Works well! Connects easily to my fitness app accounts. Earn points easily just by keeping up with your daily fitness goals. Log your stuff and you will keep earning points!

Fun but

This is fun but it’s too hard to get to 10,000. Everything is rated the same

Excellent App

The achievement app is a really good app. It motivates you to work out. As you watch the points add up you’ll want to exercise more.

Free money!

This is a great way to get points / money for activities I already do. I hope that more apps are supported soon (like Sleep Cycle), that the limit on points for cycling is increased, and that I can find a way to have sleep count! Overall, it's great!

Got $10 for tracking workouts

Great app, best app ever, all apps should do this.

I finally get paid for being an average athlete

Although it's somewhat difficult to get to 10,000 points, getting paid $10 every couple of weeks is fine by me

Fun with the Achievement app

It’s a personal motivator for me

Rewards for being healthy

Love how I can get rewarded for being healthy and active. However, not sure how points are actually rewarded. It takes a really long time to earn points.

Free money

Who don’t like getting money for moving and sleeping


This is a great app, but it takes FOREVER to earn 10,000 points. As a matter of fact it took me close to 2 years! That might make sense if I was very sedentary, but I work on my feet all day and I workout every day. $5 a year...idk... obviously it shouldn’t be too easy to gain the points because the app will be spending too much money, but there should be more chances for bigger amounts of bonus points. Like “run a marathon, win 300 points” stuff like that.

Free Money for Working Out!

This app is great, connect it to your fitness tracker apps and it pays you for being fit! Sweet!

Love it

A little reward for doing things I was already doing anyways & getting healthier in the process. It does take a while for the points to build up, but the more you do the more points you get so kinda motivational.

Great rewards

Who doesn’t like free money to help motivate you to stay healthy. Great incentive

Easiest way to earn $$$

Easiest $10.00 ever! It took me a little less than a year but I got it! (More active during the 2nd half of the year). You just walk or run and it logs your points just like that! Best thing ever!! Totally doing again!

Great app

It’s great to have something to look forward to.

Easy to use!

Earn while you workout. What could be easier!!!

Surprisingly easy

There are so many ways to get points for healthy activities that it adds up quick and painlessly.

Great app

Easy to use and connects to a variety of apps to get points. It takes a while but it was fun building up to that 10,000 point mark.

Love this app!!

This works awesome love it

Extra motivation

Extra motivation to have healthy habits

Love it

Why not get paid for something you're already doing. Just link your accounts and watch your progress. I just got my 2nd $10 reward. Easy money.

Free money

All for just doing what I do everyday


App is good but it does take about a year to earn cash

Great app

Great app to earn extra money for no cost and good things is that this app keeps you fit and healthy. Love this app.

Easy way fun to earn $ while getting healthy

I really love how easy Achievement is to use. Once I set it up, I forgot about it... yet, I’m earning points every day. The points add up and I cash out with some extra money in my pocket. It’s easy and fun!


Achievement is so simple to use! It takes a while to earn enough points to redeem $10 but it is really nice to get a reward every once in awhile.

It pays you for working out!!!!

I just cant believe this app actually pays you for working out.

Performed as expected

It works. Does exactly what it was supposed to do. No surprises. Recommend download. Already earned $20!

Live and earn

This is not a get rich quick app; it takes time to build 10000 points. But by all means, worth it. Just live as you do and one day you’ll get an extra $10. Did someone say Chinese food tonight?


Conveniently enough, I have finally earned my reward, but am unable to log in to my account to claim it. I have emailed repeatedly asking for help, with no response.

Needs More

Please Add More Offers. I assumed I wasn't receiving any because I wasn't wearing my fitbit but now I really see that I wasn't mistaken for thinking there was something wrong because I'm Simply not receiving anything and I'd like to but there is just not one since filling out the stock ones given to me the same day I signed up. Please fix this. Thank You for your time. - BruhMonJee (Gamer - Entertainer - SoundCloud - Tumblr - Twitter - Instagram - Xbox - Amazon Reviews - Snapchat - DJ)

Excellent app

I’ve cashed in 3 times. Excellent app and you’re tracking your stuff anyway

Fun app

Takes a while, but easy to earn some extra money!!!

Love it

Earn while you stay healthy!


I would love to give a higher rating to this app but it refuses to recognize my login credentials. This is after wasting 20 minutes resetting my password twice. Deleted immediately.

Love it!

To keep myself in check, I wear a Fitbit to track my steps and sleep. I also use a couple of other free apps to log my food and exercise. In the summer I started Achievement. Achievement gives me points for these things I already do, and then $10 for every 10,000 points. I've already made $20. They pay you via Paypal. It’s fun to see the points accumulate.

Earn Money

Earn money for your daily activities!


Easy to remember Achievement as an app.

Get motivated and get paid

Awesome free app. Rewards you for your steps. Easy to use I just use my Apple watch and myfitnesspal to track my steps and it automatically sends info to achievement. No extra steps needed.

Love it

Super easy to use, automatically tracks for me.

Takes forever to earn $10

Took me almost 8 months to earn $10 however I made it. Great app

Exercise this cash incentive

Why not get a little incentive for staying healthy? It took me a while to get to 10,000 points but that is because I wasn’t consistent. As soon as I made fitness a priority, the points stated racking up. I also have a fitbit, so tracking my steps and workout became easier without my phone. Good app!

Good stuff

It makes me work harder.

Love it!

Awesome app! Great way to become motivated. You put the steps in why not make a little money just for walking.

Earn extra cash

Make money on what you already do. The only only negative is that it does take quite awhile to earn enough to cash out but the more you move the faster it happens.

Pretty solid

I really like the idea. Earning money for things I normally do is awesome. It just takes a really long time, unfortunately.


Seems like a good app just takes long to earn points until you can redeem a reward.

$$$ to make fit a priority

Super cool 😎 shared it with friends and family


Super easy to link Fitbit account but rewards are small and take a long time to achieve. If you don’t mind selling off your info go for it!

It works!!

You truly get do get paid for working out. I love this app! I've been using it for awhile and my 3rd check is on its way!

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