Achievement - Reward Health App Reviews

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Worth a try

I got this app July 2017 and just now hit the 10,000 point mark. Worth having on phone but not s fast money maker


A great app for those that like to track their heath and physical activity!

Money for being active

Friend referred me to this app. It tracks activity through wearable tech and awards points based on activity. Those points turn into money. Only issue is sometimes data doesn’t sync over for credit.

Awesome app!

I love this app! They have quick surveys and informative articles about health and fitness. It’s easy to set up to work with your fitness tracker & getting paid with PayPal is so easy! I’d recommend!

Great App!

Earn money for what you already do!

Very good app

I have used this app for over two years. I love it. Sync any additional apps you can to accumulate points faster and take part in surveys to earn FREE MONEY!

Easy, but some quirks

I love that I don’t have to do anything that I wasn’t already doing to earn points. It syncs automatically so I don’t even have to think about it. I’ve noticed that my friends that I have referred have had difficulties setting up the app, with it taking a long time and not being very easy to do. But once it gets going, it’s great!

Free Money

Just hook this up to your tracker and earn free money for doing what you typically do. Thanks Achievement!

So easy to use!

Free money and so easy to use - what’s not to love?

Great motivator

I got the app to motivate me to move more(because you earn the most points for activities). It’s slow going if you don’t sync a few apps, but you earn points for just living; sleeping, drinking water, logging food, too! And my ten bucks every few months is a nice ‘reward’! Try it, you have nothing to lose.

They actually pay you.

I see a lot of people complaining about how long it takes to get 10,000 points. But sense I’ve had the app I’ve hit it twice now. Sure it took some time but free money just for having the app on your phone/answering poll questions every now and then.

A plus

The best app ever! I don’t see why everyone doesn’t have this


Great app!

Great App

I have earned 10,000 points twice now. It took me about five months each time using 4 different apps. I have never had problems with points not accumulating or with points being withheld. The app makes it extremely easy to redeem points. I would recommend this app for anyone with the patience to accumulate points slowly.

Pennies add up :-)

It took me over a year to make $15, but I go about my day to day, walking around wearing my Fitbit like normal and don’t really have to do anything differently to earn a dime here and there...I like it :-)

Easy money

Connect your tracker, log in every so once in a while, earn cash. Easy!


Fun little motivator- takes a while, but worth it

Achievement is good motivation.

Good. Slow and steady encouragement.

Free $$$

I love they I move the more points I get. I had they app for a little over 6 months and I'm almost at 10,000 points. It may take a while but it's worth it. I also love how they added for surveys for us to complete.

Easiest $10 I ever made

I think to basically have this going without my help, it's pretty easy to use. $10 every 10,000 points is not so bad! I just wish it was a little easier to earn points!

Set and forget

Great app to make money without trying


I enjoy this app. It does pay to stay healthy and active. Easy to use. Nice that it connects to my Fitbit.

Great app

I love this app. This app helps me stay motivated to track my food intake, weight and read the “offers” articles or take the surveys. I enjoy seeing my progress

Love this App

What a fun way to make money by staying fit!

Love it

I think this is a great app giving motivation to stay active and healthy.

Love it!

Real easy to do! And you get paid to just walk or run!

Super easy way to earn money

App is linked to my Garmin. Every time I sync Garmin, Acheivment syncs. Points add up and when you get to 10000 can redeem for Paypal credit. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Love it

Best way to receive free $

Love this app

Takes a while to earn rewards but it’s fun and motivating

Great App for staying fit

A great tool to help keep me working out and eating healthy!

Easy to use

Just sync the app to your fitness app and it does everything else for you.

This is awesome!

This is a great app. I have hooked it up to my Apple Watch and health app and it gives me points for doing activity, logging food, sleep, and water intake. It is a great way to hold yourself accountable while also making money!


Fun way to earn extra cash

Cool rewards

Easy to get rewards for the things I already do!

Love it

Keeps me working hard!!!

Healthy and paid

Feee money for getting healthy and staying on track, what could be better? This app has helped me keep up. Thanks.

Easy Money

Love this app! It’s an easy way to get a little extra cash for something you’re already doing. I have a Fitbit and a Fitbit scale so I don’t have to anything. Everything syncs wirelessly and gives me credit!

Great app

Very motivating, keeps you on track with exercise and your health while you earn rewards

Love the $$$ Awards

Easy to use, links with Strava, fitbit and apple health. I track what I am doing and get small rewards!

Easy to use but takes awhile

I’ve been a member since 2016 and just made it to my first $10 redemption. I don’t think it was hooked up how it should have been when starting out. But, the update they just did make it seem like it was syncing better all around. I’ll update when I earn my next $10 reward and see how long it takes me this time. Ps. I workout at least 3x’s week

Enjoying the rewards

I’m enjoying the rewards for exercising as I do daily. It’s fun follow my progress and it’s easy to use the app.

Great motivation

Great motivator to keep being healthy! Who doesn’t love getting paid to do great things for their health?!?!

Fun and encouraging

Keeps me motivated!


I love being able to watch my progress and actually earn money for doing the things I already on a daily basis.


Love it

Rewarded for running

I love how the app syncs to my FitBit that pretty much stays on me ALL the time. Just earned my first reward! So excited!!

Haven’t had offers in a week

The first day I downloaded it I was given about 7 offers, completed all of them, haven’t been given any more since. It’s been about a week. At this rate it could take months to earn ten dollars. Not worth it. There are faster ways to earn money. Deleting the app.

Love it!

Literally earn money for sleeping, working out, weighing myself. Doesn’t get any better than that!

It’s the real deal

At first I was skeptical with the business model of getting paid just to stay active, however I hit my first rewards level and earned $10. I’m a believer! Keep the money coming !

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