Achievement - Reward Health App Reviews

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Really great way to lose weight if you are financially motivated


This app motivates me to make a little extra cash while motivating me to live a healthier lifestyle!

Pays me to be healthier

This is an awesome app. I love the fact that you are working towards a goal of points that you can turn into PayPal money.

Fun and easy way to keep motivated

Takes a while to earn but it's legit! I'll keep using this app as an incentive to stay active and earn money! So easy!

Great app

I love getting rewarded for being active. It takes a while to earn but when I do it's ME money. This is the fourth time I've earned $10 and I love it!! I’ve now earned my reward 4 times! This is a great app.

It works

Just let it sit in the background while you walk around everyone and eventually you get $10. Pretty cool

Great app!

Easy way to earn a little extra money!

Fun and Motivating!

Reminds me to get up and move, even just a little bit, and rewards me for it! Now there are bonuses for taking short surveys/polls and things!


LOVE this app. It is like having an accountably partner to work out. The studies and surveys are awesome!! I have highly recommended it to all of my students. Anyone can use it no matter the age.

Great app

I run a lot and it’s great to have an app that will give back to me for my efforts!! It’s fun to login and see how many points I have to go and to keep working towards that goal.

Good app

Fun to keep track and easy to earn points


Excellent app


I really enjoy looking at the app to see how many points I scored. It helps motivate me to walk more so that I earn more

Not syncing

I have completed numerous workouts that my apple watch and health app have tracked but does not reflect in the achievement app. Submitted and email over three days ago but no response.

Love this app

It's so easy and legit!

Free money!

Free money just for being active! I already do these things now I get paid to do them.

Terrific app!

Love getting paid for making myself a better person physically!

Easy money

It takes time but definitely pays off

I finally reached my 1st reward

I feel like it’s taken forever, but now that I’ve earned my first one, I’m excited to be on track.


Easy to use, but takes 4 months to accumulate 10000 pts for reward.


Very fine motivator!

It really pays!!!

All I did was sync this with my FitBit and MFP and didn’t do anything extra or go out of my way to do anything different. I’ve already earned 2 $10 Rewards. I chose PayPal and it really did work!!

Easy to use

Just install and go. Easy to use and to earn.


Such an easy and rewarding app! You just have to be active to earn free money! It’s great!

Great app

Great app for fitness lovers!!

I got my first $10

I finally made my first prize ! A great way to incentivize losing weight

Get rewarded for what you do

My son told me about this app. If you are already using a FitBit or Strava or other linked application you get money for doing what you are already doing. I’m already at $50 in rewards.

App stopped syncing after June 6th

Your app states that I have no activity since June 6th yet my Fitbit accurately stares otherwise. I submitted a complaint to support from within your app and have not received a response.

Mindless way to earn more cash

This is such a fun easy way to earn a few extra cups of coffee!

Great App

This app is easy to use and a great reward for all my exercise 😊

Easy Rewards

I enjoy earning money just for things I normally do!

Great app

Easy to get rewards and get paid.

Fun app

Takes a while, but easy to earn some extra money!!!

Great Concept

Literally earning money by doing nothing out of the ordinary - love it. Could use some bug fixes.

I love this app

Get paid to do sleep, monitor your weight and exercise. It’s really that easy if you have a Fitbit or something like it.

Great app!

Nice way to keep you engaged with activities

Earn extra $

Easy way to earn extra money by using your fitness device and taking surveys. It may take several months, but you really don’t have to do anything but sign up and link your device. May only be $10, but it could come just as you need the extra money. It can take some time, a day or 2, to update your daily counts. You even get points for logging activities other than steps like sleeping, drinking water, and updating your weight.

Great Motivational App!

Achievement is another way to motivate self toward better health habits and earn $$ while you do it!

Getting paid to do what I’m already doing.

Love having my Harmon and fitness apps all sync to reward me for doing the right stuff. Highly recommend.

Motivate yourself

I love seeing my steps get points, I love seeing my workouts get points. This is great motivation!!!

Money for walking

I love the fact I get points for exercising, which leads to money. Another incentive for getting off the couch!

Finally got my $10

Took awhile but it works


Great motivational app!

This app is brilliant.

This app is truly fantastic. You can connect most of the basic fitness apps out there to track most of the things you should be doing anyway. And my tracking was simple: steps counted, and water consumed, and I earned points pretty quickly. I highly recommend it.


Love receiving rewards and it makes me want to do more in order to earn


Wonderful app

Best App ever!!

It tracks all of your stuff and pays you for it!!!

Great app!

I connect my Fitbit to this app and about twice a year I get $10 for just living my life.

Great little money maker

Gots paid straight to my paypal just for my regular daily physical activities and did a few surveys

Very motivating app

I like this app - very motivating. The only downfall is that there aren’t many offers that I can participate in.

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