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Good way to motivate you to get moving and earn points. And it’s a legit way to make a few extra bucks.

Great app!

I get paid to track my food and exercise! How cool is that?? The extra offers are easy and the app can be hooked up to other apps you use!

Easy Win

Easy to earn green $$$

Get paid to be healthy

Love this app. Already earned $20 in rewards since downloading this app.


Takes a while to earn your reward but the reward is real


I love it! You get paid to make healthy choices!!! Can’t beat that!

Free bucks for active people

The app makes money for you, take it!

Workout and earn? Yes please!

Love this app. Get rewarded for workouts and activity you already do. Highly recommend this app!


Great way to stay healthy and keep motivated

Great way to earn cash

Great way to earn cash while being active

Great App

Really encourages me to get my steps up!

Easy to use

This app is extremely easy to use. It takes awhile to acquire the points but I’m just using it passively so it works great for me! I’ve already redeemed 20,000 points earning $20.

Love it!

Have been using this app for over a year, and it definitely helps keep me motivated , and keeps me logging my food and workouts !

Great app!

This is a fantastic way to earn money just by linking your fitness apps and living an active lifestyle!


Love this app as it not only motivates me through earning redeemable points, but also is a huge benefit to my overall health! Love the app

Great app! Free rewards!

This app has given me $20 so far for just living my life the way I had been before I downloaded the app. It’s fantastic

Free Money for doing what I already do

Sure it takes about 6 months for the average person to track enough items and take enough steps to earn $10, but hey, it's free money for doing what you already do, track your fitness...thanks Achievemint!

Helps to maintain focus

I started using to app for the 10$ but it really gets you going when you start seeing all the progress made. I like that it connects with all my apps so I don’t need to keep entering information.

Great App!

Love this app. I can get paid for my day to day activities.

Great app

Works well

Very Fun

I’ve enjoyed using Achievement. I just do what I normally do with my FitBit and Achievement tracks it and gives me points.

Super App

Earning points is so easy!

Easy peasy

Easy money for good habits

Achievement is Motivating AND Rewarding

$10 for every 10,000 points earned!? Yes, thank you!! It’s just as simple as that! Now 10,000 points might take a while. It’s not 10,000 steps after all BUT it does pay out. I’ve just collected my second $10 reward just for doing what I would do without it!

Haven’t received reward

Gave one star because when I got my 10,000 points I never got the $10. Redeemed 8/1/2018 I've contacted support twice with no response. There’s no number to call or I would have done that as well. Previously gave 5 star...will update to my old review if the issue is fixed.

Motivating and Easy!

This app is easy to use (you just link it to other apps and occasionally fill out quick surveys) and motivates you to stay healthy by giving points for tracking your habits. You can earn money by doing close to nothing!

Awesome and Fun!

I enjoy the quick questionnaires!


Easy to use and to read!

Achievement review

The app helps motivate me to exercise daily and the money I earn is a bonus

Fun app

Achievements is really a cool app. It takes a bit of time to rack up points. But I already use a Fitbit and am pretty active. Now over time I can earn a little bit of extra cash!

I love this app!

So easy to use and it challenges me to work harder.

Takes time but worth it

Takes a long time to earn money but it’s still free money!


Nice to see a reward inspires me

Love free money for being fit!

Love free money for being fit! I’ve made $20 so far for doing nothing but tracking my steps!


It's easy, just get some exercise and watch the money roll in.

Achievement rewards you to be healthy!

I just got my first $10 reward deposited in my Paypal account. It does take a while to add up, but it requires very little effort on my part to get credit for my physical activity.

Great app to keep you motivated

You won’t be a millionaire, but you’ll earn about 30 a year for exercising


Very good app!

Easy to Use

User Friendly app, great rewards

Excellent App

You can quickly earn $10 if you’re active and link a couple of accounts that track steps and activities. Love this app!

Easiest way to get free money !

I’ve just received my second $10 reward

Easy way to make some money

It takes a while, maybe six to 10 weeks, but just being active puts money in your PayPal account. It’s super easy and my Garmin transfers info automatically. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Great motivation tool!

As advertised, it is paying me $10 via PayPal for reaching 10K points!

Excellent app for passive income

I’ve used this app for a couple years now. So far, just syncing up my Fitbit and taking some long term surveys, I’ve already made over $100. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme, but very rewarding to see money in my PayPal account for virtually zero effort.

Get paid for being healthy

Awesome app. You get paid to workout!

Great motivator

Great way to keep you motivated! Track your healthy goals, while being rewarded to achieve them!!!!

Love it!

This app is great! Takes a bit to earn but it's a nice incentive!

Was really great until unable to redeem

I’ve used this app for over a year and loved it- recommended to friends and it was also a fun way to encourage myself to be more active and more conscious of my water intake. Customer service was always really responsive and kind; however as of August 1st- I redeemed my 3rd award but it never showed up in my PayPal. I tried contacting customer service via the app and email, because they said to contact them if you don’t receive your reward within about a week’s time. Two weeks later and still no response. Feeling a little disappointed.

Like the site

Wish that we could get more rewards after so many points to get points. Otherwise the site is great.

Much better than Sweatcoin!

More ways to earn points and much more accurate than Sweatcoin. On top of that, it’s real money and not bitcoin.

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