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Just “redeemed” my first 10.00 and chose gift rocket. So we will see how it goes since I had never heard of gift rocket till now. Otherwise super easy to earn.

Free money!

Money for doing what you do anyway. Love this app!


I do nothing more than what I was already doing for the day and get paid for it! So easy! It takes awhile to earn 10000 points but it's better than nothing.

Loveing it!!

I love this app it keeps me motivated!!!

It takes a while, but it's easy to use.

It takes a long time to earn the 10,000 points but if you're using your health apps anyway it's a good way to pay yourself a little down the road. Once synced it's easy to use.

Does What it Says

Losing 30 pounds is great enough, but getting paid for it is awesome!

Waste of Time

If your goal is to walk 20 miles a day or you’re down to download an app to earn $10/year then this is a great one. If you think you can get surveys on the regular to earn money back this is not the app for you.

Easy and free!

So easy and free! Get money for doing daily activities!

Love Achievement

Nothing like getting paid to exercise.

Great App

This app is a great incentive to keep moving! And, get rewarded for it! How cool is that?!


I’ve had the app since Dec 2016 and am still only at 7k points. I workout at least 3x/week and walk as much as I can. I always have my phone with me when I’m on the move. Working towards a reward has become more of an annoyance than a motivation at this point.

Good app

I like this app. It’s a way to make me motivated to walk since I can earn money with it. 👍

Great program

I love it they pay you to keep active and makes you strive to get that 10,000 points for $10. Sure doesn’t sound like a lot but $10 is $10

Earn $$ with your fitness tracking

I love that just wearing my Fitbit and tracking my weight and food earns me points that I can cash in for $$. So far I’ve received $20 in credit at amazon.

Love it

I just cashed out my first reward!! Set it and forget it app. Just have to sync every now and then!

Fun goals

It’s fun to see progress


I have refused to make a review until i have reached 10,00 points and received the money. After finally getting the points and payment, i can assure users that this app is 100% legit. When i started it was hard to get points, but they have made it easier to earn them and actually add offers pretty regularly. Though this app is not something you will make a ton of money from quickly, it does as advertised. This app has encouraged me to keep track of my workouts by logging them, leading to a huge improvement. When i started using this app I weighed about 165lbs, i am now up to 200lbs. My goal was not to slim down, but to bulk up and become stronger. I used to only bench about 155lbs comfortably and i am now up to 225lbs for benching. This app was a great motivation to start logging my workouts. Plus the money is a small bonus to my Achievement.


Overall pretty good, just takes awhile to earn anything.


Got $10! took a while but I got it!

Sync and earn

You sync your trackers and earn a bit of money.

App won’t sync with Apple health anymore

This has become a terrible app. It no longer reads information from Apple health, when you submit an email to support it takes them a month to get back to you, and you can’t get paid for your points. Don’t download this app

Nice treat

Easy way to stay motivated while getting healthy. Won’t make me rich but will pay for my morning coffee this week.

It’s literally free money

This app is an easy way to earn money with practically doing nothing. Want points for walking, running, sleeping, working out, weighing yourself. All things that we do on the daily. I track everything through my Fitbit which is helpful because whenever I Sync my Fitbit, it uploads my data automatically and gives me points. I hardly touch this app. I just look at it every once and awhile to see how I’m doing. Earned 20 bucks so far! Can’t wait for more! :)

Not working

I seem to be accumulating points but it won’t let me pass the firsts page and only rarely even shows anything on that first one, usually it’s blank.

Love it

I love this app! You really do get paid to walk!

Who doesn’t love free money?

Although it seems like it took forever to reach the necessary 10,000 points, I finally did it!! Looking forward to my $10 reward!

Love the motivation but...

I love this app because I can earn money working out, but it is incredibly glitchy and hard to navigate. It often does not record my efforts, and it took me way longer to earn than it should have as a result.


I just earned $10 by doing healthy & fun activities. Love this app


It takes a lonnnng time to be able to cash out.

Great way to motivate

This app is another great way to be motivated to lose and move!

To good to be true... But it is!

Takes a very long time to earn a reward, however the app does all the work for you and really does pay out!

Awesome app

Who wouldn't want to be rewarded for being active? It's so easy to use! Just link it to your activity tracker app and GET MOVING! The more steps you get, the more points you get, the faster you get paid! I just earned my SECOND $10 reward!

Love it!

Work out and get paid? Yes please! Redeemed 3 time’s. Lost $20 in the beginning because I didn’t know there was a time frame to redeem. I work out everyday and I log my food, have a Fitbit, and have many apps that sync with Achievement but sometimes it’s not as accurate as it should be. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.

Great app! Love it!

Great motivator to stay healthy!

Love this app!

Great idea to get people motivated to move more!!

Love this App

I have used Achievement for over a year. If you are a rewards driven person - this is for you!! Love working hard and getting $$

Good app

Got paid twice already


I love the way this App keeps me on my toes to keep pushing myself and I like to take surveys so that’s a plus for me. Thank You Achievement!

Great app

This is a fun and easy way to receive rewards for a healthy lifestyle!


Easy to use. Takes a really long time to earn 10,000 points.

Not a “quick “buck, but it’s still $$

Started back in February 17’ , redeemed three times. I’m very active individual and have a couple apps synced. Still $30 bucks is $30 bucks.

Nice App

It takes quite awhile to reach 10k but as long as you stay active you'll get there!

Great app!

I received my reward in just a few months by doing the things I do every day.


Love it.

Stay fit and get paid

This is an awesome app... Just put in the effort to work out and read about some of the health studies conducted by the app while getting paid. Easy enough!


Best app ever


Nothing like making money for doing what I do everyday! Makes me want to workout more to get more!

Love it!

Slowly but don’t give up. Paid to walk!

Love this a

This app is great for giving you a reason to be track your health...I am so glad my daughter told me about it.

Great App

It’s a great motivator to get moving

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